Mobile UxDesigner

KidZania App

Our clients wanted to create an app that improve the experience visiting KidZania. The main goal was that parents could check on with their kids, by knowing what they were doing inside the park. This app was aimed to be used before, during and, after their visits.

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Mobile UxDesinger


The client wanted an app for their members only. The goal was to create a plus for their customers while traveling with RCI. The requirements were that the user could review previous trips and upcoming ones in the app. For the future trips, they wanted to present data about the booking a member made such as a hotel address, check in and check out times, flight and city information. A plus they wanted to add was an agenda to book activities during their trip, and a currency exchange, and weather data.

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UI Designer


This application scans an image and can reproduce a video, a link or a 3D model animation

I re-designed redesigning the app

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Ux & Front-Web Designer


In partnership with Universities from Berlin, Turin and London, the SIAM project aims to develop a web-based application which purpose is to assess security measurements and new technology introduced into transportation facilities.

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Interaction Designer

Chip and Pin Machine

Our goal was to enhance the interaction between the pin pad machine and humans. We came with a new concept, making the interaction easy, intuitive and beautiful.


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Brain Computer Interface Game

To develop a game prototype using a Brain Computer Interface. As part of a team of game developers and designers, we were asked to improve the gameplay using Mindwave technology.

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Ux Research Assistant


Artellite Project aims to produce a piece of groundbreaking research into selling art online.

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Web Designer / Front-End Designer


First websites using HTML, CSS and jQuery from scratch.