Brain Computer Interface Game




To develop a game prototype using a Brain Computer Interface. As part of a team of game developers and designers, we were asked to improve the gameplay using Mindwave technology.


As the only user experience of the team, I was in charge of developing personas, journeys and, scenarios. Furthermore, I was involved in designing the user interface and in charge of usability testing. During this project, I needed to research how the brain works to understand and how the Mindwave works to make better decisions on how to improve the interaction between the user and the game.


Using BCI to be used as part of a gameplay was a challenge! First of all, this technology is not as accurate as using other types of input, most of these types of games are difficult to use and sometimes it will create headaches in the users. Due to all these barriers, we suggested that the game concept must implement mind waves that do NOT control the game but as a bonus feature. The interaction was simple when the user was relaxed the light of the dwarf bright brighter and he could visualize more prices, if not the dwarf still can navigate in the cave but the game will become more difficult to win.

Creation of Scenarios:
BCI scenario


Creation of Personas:
Draft of Journey:BCI Journey

A second issue that we encounter during the project, was that developers could not manage to work with the code of the Mindwave software. In consequence, we couldn’t test it properly, just some rough prototype tests. At the end, this game could not be implemented since BCI is a technology that is recently emerging. It would be nice to see in a few years how BCI evolves and perhaps we can improve the game and many other gadgets; a future where we use our mind to turn the T.V. on.

Mockup of Interface: